San Antonio Construction Defects – Soil

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San Antonio Construction Defects – Soil

Builders and developers perform soil analysis when researching areas they intend to develop. The analysis results allow the builder and/or developer to plan what construction strategies they will use along with what soil preparation if any, they will have to undertake. Once they have determined their development plans, they also need to hire contractors to do the job. A construction defect can be the result of poor planning, insufficient soil analysis, or unqualified contractors. Improperly compacted soils and contaminants remaining in soils (usually organic types of build-up, i.e. lumber) are two examples of construction defects that can occur as a result of these Law Attorney bryan Woods

Improperly Compacted Soils

As a homeowner, you rely on the contractors that are working on your home to be qualified for the job. At the same time, you have a right to understand what poor workmanship can be. If you are seeing cracks in the drywall, cracks in bricks, windows, or doors that do not open and close properly or cracks in the foundation you may have improperly compacted soils. These symptoms could also be the result of expansive soils. Whether improperly compacted soils or other soil issues, this can be a very damaging defect that will require time and money to fix.

Contaminants Remaining in Soils

If you suspect you have an issue with contaminants remaining in soils you need to investigate it immediately. Contaminants remaining in soils can cause issues with your drinking water and other types of water issues. The severity of the issue will depend on the contaminants and also on how extensive the repair will be. In a situation like this, you do not want to go long with contaminants remaining in soils. This construction defect can be caused by human error or poor building materials.

At this point, your priority is to get your house back to a livable condition. If you move forward with getting repairs for either of these construction defects, be sure to keep good records. Document everything and make sure to take pictures. Keep any correspondences to or from the builder and document phone calls. It may be a bit tedious now, you’ll be thankful you have these records later.

Improperly compacted soils and contaminants remaining in soils are complicated construction defect issues to handle. There is a lot that goes into knowing what needs to be done. If you think you may have a construction defect issue, contact an attorney in our office today.

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