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Distracted Driving and the DOT
Recently a father on his way to work was broadsided by an automobile. The impact sent his truck tumbling, and he was dead when it came to a stop.

Accident reconstructionists found no skid marks at the scene, which led them to conclude that the car driver did not even see the truck before hitting it…most likely because she was distracted. This type of auto accident happens every day in Texas. More info on this website

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the national focus of local, state, and government organizations and people of influence – including well-known celebrities.

To drive home the fact that people being killed in distracted driving accidents are our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, family members and friends – the United States Department of Transportation has developed a video entitled ‘The Faces of Distracted Driving.’ In it, family members share the pain and tragic stories behind what many only see as the statistics of the death and devastation that accompanies a distracted driving accident.

The video is a series of segments in which family members are friends are encouraged to share their losses with verbal frankness. It is difficult to look away – and haunting for those who give little thought to their behavior behind the wheel.

An accident can be an unfortunate mishap – but distracted driving is not an accident – it is apparent negligence instead.

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