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California Personal Injury Laws New in 2016


California Personal Injury Laws are constantly being updated and 2016 is no exeption. The State of California is revamping some of its laws to cut down the number of citizens that fall victim to traffic and pedestrian accidents. The following are some of the top laws that California intends to pass for 2016:

Safe Skateboarding Law: AB 604

A rise of electric skateboards has been occurring over the past five years, and a rise in skateboarding accidents has followed. The new law will demand that young riders wear helmets when they ride, stay on the sidewalk, and keep their speed under 35 miles per hour. Furthermore, electronic skateboard riders must be at least 16 years of age.

Headset and Earbud Semi-Removal Law: SB 491

The state will implement law SB-491, which states that drivers may not wear earbuds or headsets that play sounds into both ears while they are driving. Such people must expose at least one ear so that they can hear horns. Sometimes, the horn is one element that saves a person’s life. Wearing headsets severely hinders the driver’s ability to hear a warning.
California legislatures think that SB-491 is the solution.

New Ignition Interlock Devices in Production: SB 61

California has been working on ignition interlock devices for quite some time. The devices are intricate creations that help to determine a driver’s sobriety before he or she can start the vehicle. Assemblyman Mike Gatto wrote the law to extend the project so that developers can finish getting the devices ready. The project now has an additional year. Many states have started using ignition interlock devices. It only makes sense that California would follow suite with its high drunk driving count. The state saw more than 10,000 deaths from drunk driving between the years 2003 and 2012.

Hit and Run Tracking Yellow Alert: AB 8

californiaThe Amber Alert system is a system that came into existence in 1996 following a child abduction. The emergency alert system became a nationwide way to respond to missing children. The children’s names would appear on radio stations, cell phones, cable television stations and more. Law AB 8 initiates a system that uses the Amber Alert as the basis of its creation. The state will use the Yellow Alert system to try to track down people who are suspected for hit-and-run accidents.

Slow-Moving Courtesy: AB 208

The new law will ask that all slow-moving vehicles pull over and allow other drivers to get by. Slow moving vehicles often get involved in accidents. The new law will help cut down the number of incidents that occurs. The slow moving vehicle will simply pull over the moment that he or she notices the fast-moving vehicle is behind. The new law amends the already existing law to include bicycles, motorcycles and the like.

The Need for Legal Consultation With A CA Personal Injury Attorney Regarding Laws

California is taking huge positive steps for its residents. The state truly wants to do what is best to keep the population intact and the residents safe. Legislatures believe that the previously mentioned laws are just the start of reclaiming California’s security. Nevertheless, these new laws and all existing statutes meant to prevent and protect against personal injury are only effective when they are enforced. Part of “enforcement” is the use of laws as a tool to provide compensation to accident and injury victims in the Golden State. Therefore, it is always best to consult with an accident and injury lawyer regarding your legal rights!

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Lambert and Williams opened its doors in its Westside Village location in August 2014. With expertise in personal injury law, estates disputes and marine law – the lawyers and staff of Lambert and Williams are proud to call suite 210, 174 Wilson Street home. Located in the Westside Village Shopping Centre, our office space was chosen with both our clients and our staff in mind – there is ample parking, a grocery store, medical offices, a bank, the Galloping Goose trail, a fitness facility, cafes and restaurants all nearby and the office is a short distance from Downtown Victoria.

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